Can Department of Defense (DoD) use SEWP?
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Can Department of Defense (DoD) use SEWP?

As a Federal Agency, DoD, including all service branches, may utilize the SEWP Contracts. DoD policy is to consider DoD contracts as the primary DoD contract vehicles. However, the Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy states that the use of interagency contracts, such as SEWP, is encouraged if it is in the best interest of DoD.

NASA has a signed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Department of Defense regarding the use of the SEWP Contract. The memorandum recognizes the mutual agreement of the involved parties to work together as Federal partners and to demonstrate their commitment to achieve compliance with Federal Acquisition Regulations. In addition, the MOA establishes a framework for the relationship to support the mission of both Agencies, improve efficiencies and leverage resources and capabilities. In particular, the MOA establishes procedures for the use of the SEWP Contract by DoD.

As part of the MOA, DoD personnel must be trained in order to place orders against the SEWP contracts. The amount of training required varies based on the dollar amount of the delivery orders.  Most training is accomplished by viewing the on-line training video. Personnel who will make frequent and/or large dollar orders are encouraged (and in some cases required) to attend either a WebEx or free on-site training. Contact or our helpline at 301-286-1478 to schedule a free training session through our events team.


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